As humans we are drawn to beauty. Specifically beauty that includes the rawness of the lives we live. A photo of your family dressed in khakis and smiling big might be perfect for remembering what your kids looked like when they were little, but it doesn't tell your daily story. It doesn't show how your five year old prefers to be covered in dirt, how your baby girl is obsessed with blowing spit bubbles, and that despite their mac and cheese faces, their kisses are still your favorite thing. Daily life might look messy, but the raw love and hard work that accompanies those messes is so so beautiful. Love and family is meaningless without the truth of messes and sacrifice. 

My passion is to give you images that tell your story in this way. Baby puke, laughter, temper tantrums, compassion, uncleaned floors, love, sacrifice, imagination, freckles, home, exhaustion, wonder. Your family's story is worth telling. 

You can contact me here for more information. I would love to chat and take you out for coffee to learn more about your family and how I can help you tell your story.